What We Do

We assemble outstanding teams of leading experts who work seamlessly across disciplines to help you achieve extraordinary results.

Sustainability Consulting

We help homeowners, and AEC teams comply with code-based sustainability requirements. Our team operates as a go-to resource providing comprehensive or itemized services for third-party certification programs and troubleshooting challenging high-performance projects.

LEED Certification Consulting

We provide Design and Construction Phase documentation services to complete all credits and exhibits required to demonstrate compliance with LEED certification requirements.

Building Envelope Commissioning

Spartan Buildings offers the complete RTA (ready-to-assemble) Structured Insulated Panels [SIPs] in the industry. Structured Insulated Panels are prefabricated in one of our member quality-controlled facilities. They arrive on your site pre-cut with all the lumber pre-installed, electrical wire chases, plumbing, and openings pre-cut, and finished with window and door bucks. According to a BASF study, Structured Insulated Panels minimize framing labor by up to 55%.

The Spartan Building Process

- Let’s build the future.

The Spartan Building process allows you to configure the interior layout of a finished SIP building envelope.
Next, Spartan teams up with LEED Certified interior designers to create your LEED Certified Green Building’s final phase.
Once Spartan finishes the SIP building envelope, building owners could then plan how fast they want to achieve a Net Zero Energy status. This is provided a big shortcut by the quality of insulation and custom fit of each building.
In addition to the ongoing energy savings you enjoy when you build with Structural Insulated Panels, you could be eligible for tax credits and government incentives*. In technical terms, homeowners are eligible for federal tax credits for building energy-efficient homes that achieve 50% energy savings over the 2003 International Energy Conservation Code. According to the program, at least 1/5 of the energy savings must come from the building envelope’s improved insulation and air sealing level.
Why this matters:
When you use Structural Insulated Panels, you shut out drafts and energy-robbers by putting the most effective, stud-less insulation into your building envelope. Because your home demands less energy, building with SIPs is the ideal way to meet the standards and save money on your federal taxes.

Structural Insulated Panels also help your home earn an ENERGY STAR rating, which can qualify you for an energy-efficient mortgage program through the federal government. It’s one of the many ways you can keep the green in your wallet while contributing to a greener planet.

*Tax credits and other green subsidies are in place for the right building technologies.

Spartan Buildings

We will provide these services!

We are a team of architects, earth scientists, engineers, environmentalists, and former home builders committed to providing homeowners and builders with a new model to create sustainable, durable, and healthier buildings.

Our goal is to teach you about the LEED process and sustainable building techniques in a painless, enjoyable way using an easy-to-navigate portal.

We will outline green building techniques and products and provide a LEED building guide to help you make the right choices; for example, choosing the right building lot, tips for designing your home, and how to maintain healthy indoor air quality. The final results will allow you to paint and furnish your home.