About Spartan Buildings

We Spartan focused on smart building technologies delivering extraordinary results !

Solutions can serve corporations, the military, designers, building contractors and homeowners

Who we are

Spartan Buildings is a systems integration and technology consulting company that aims to help solve sustainability challenges. We deliver smart building technologies, with the objective to apply the most modern smart building concepts and net zero energy innovations towards LEED Certification .
We collaborate with you on all aspects of the building envelope by assembling a team of leading experts from across disciplines to help you achieve energy saving, and sustainable results. Our team brings expertise in :
  • building sciences
  • LEED certification
  • building automation using management information systems
  • alternative energy
  • applications
  • water harvesting
  • Safety, security, and resilience
Spartan Buildings was created by IPXCOM*, an international provider of information technology and communication solutions with over 20 years of trusted service. As such, we are driven by a shared ethos of helping clients advance their missions. This sense of duty comes from within the IPXCOM culture and its experience of delivering multi-million dollar solutions that span 10-year contracts or one project at a time.
Motivated by this shared ethos, your building objectives will become our mission. We trust that you can depend on Spartan Buildings to be a dedicated extension of your building team.

Sustainable * Smart * Buildings – Let’s Build the Future!

IPXCOM Past Performance

Some of IPXCOM’s past and current customers


The Spartan Team is driven by a common ethos of helping each of our clients advance their missions. The sense of duty comes from deep within our corporate DNA, the experience of delivering multi-million dollar solutions, to make our customers happy that span 10 year contracts or one project at a time. This means that for every building initiative, your building objectives, become our purpose. You can depend on Spartan Buildings, to be a dedicated extension of your building team and to assist your team exploring the new green technology industry options.

Focused on delivering extraordinary results

The work we do on behalf of our clients is often the first of its kind, largest of its kind, goals-exceeding, barrier-overcoming, and bar-raising, ensuring we deliver pioneering solutions. We’ve helped our clients achieve honors for outstanding results from top industry organizations.

This commitment to achievement is the reason Spartans’ team is sought by a diverse list of Fortune 50 Companies, which engaged our services; and why Fortune 500 companies regularly reach out for our help.

We Serve Owners, Designers, and Contractors