#4 – The Building Envelope

Structured Insulated

LEED Points for Building Envelope

SIP Building Advantages

SIPs are the key to energy efficient building. A few reasons why architects and builders are using SIPs:

LEED Points for Building Envelope

LEED Points for Building Envelope

Projects pursuing LEED certification earn points for various green building strategies across several categories based on the number of points achieved, a project earns one of four LEED rating levels: Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

Using Spartan to build a SIP Building Structure will earn you a LEED Certified Category Award. 38 Points


RAPID BUILD Technology

SIP Panel Technology – Rapid Build Technology – The Spartan Process

Whether starting from scratch for a new home/building or looking for expansion, Spartan can up your game.

The Spartan production team is ready to help you integrate Spartan SIP’s, as we pick one of the industry-leading products, and based on your timing, Spartan will choose the best MFG to supply the SIPS for your build.

Our Architects meet you and present a preliminary design of your needs- a 50,000 ft view.

Once you agree that is what you want, you make a progress payment, and engage our Architectural Team.

Our Architects will finish and create your digital blueprint designs and 3D walkthrough views, as progress payments are made, and when our clients give us the go sign, we send your plans to the factory.

The Factory will then finish all the individual panels, they are numbered to coincide with the building plans, wrapped up and shipped off to your home address.

When the panels are on site, Spartan provides building crews, or are we supply our on-the-ground technical support for builders who are new to the SIP building process to ensure crews are trained and confident in this rapid construction technology. Trained crews should be able to install your project in less than one week.

All the individual pieces fit together like a puzzle and create a fully sealed, highly energy efficient and resilient building envelope that stands up to fire, wind, water, pests without harmful VOCs or off gassing