True Spartan

A Brief History of Home-Building

The concept of a master builder was formally recognized as early as 1800 B.C. when, in ancient Mesopotamia, the Code of Hammurabi was used to design and construct all public works. A great many old and famous structures were built by master builders: Agia Sophia, the Parthenon, and London Bridge, the White House, Central Park and most of the European cathedrals. Medieval cathedrals are, in fact, remarkable examples of building mastery.

But as large buildings became more complex, increasing specialization separated the functions of design and construction into individual craftsman or teams of collaboration. Architects and engineers became the designers, and builders erected the structure from these designs.

The resulting process has become known as the design-bid-build process. Once a design was finished and plans drawn up, the project was put out for bid. The winning bidder was then responsible for building according to the design.

Spartan Design Build

Spartan Buildings is a design-builder that combines the modern form of the oldest approach to creating buildings — that of the master builder. The master builder was originally a combination architect, engineer and builder, responsible for every phase of building a structure from initial concept to completion.   This is now what Spartan calls Building Science.  

The Master Builder built the water and irrigation to power the project, gardens to feed people. He commanded the necessary resources: draftsmen, masons, carpenters, laborers, and metal-workers, and dedicated them to the single-minded pursuit of excellence in design and construction of projects.  This is what Spartan calls Collaboration and Innovation.

Fast forward from 1800 BC

Times have changed but the concepts are still valid.

The Beauty is in the Simplicity – Spartan Services

Spartan believes that every building should be designed and built using the basic Spartan principals that are easy to understand like what is the best land use, such as the position of the house for day-lighting, good drainage and keeping the moisture and humidity out, and using the  natural insulation of trees against the sun.  I would say this was a good use of terrain as a force multiplier. It just so happens to be the  LEED green designated objectives also where that best use of resources results in the highest levels of  LEED points.   And in today’s real estate market, a LEED Gold rated home can have a maximum resale value. 

Getting LEED Certification, can be as simple as using the right flooring and Energy Star appliances.  If a LEED Platinum level is desired, then more expensive products are used, but produce a higher living standard in your new living environment such as geothermal heating and cooling, pristine water, home automation, great energy classification.

Net Zero Energy utilizes sun, wind, Tesla Batteries, and Energy Star rated components to virtually eliminate monthly building expenses.

Spartan calls our products Smart Buildings, and we use innovation and 3D Designs to create a  master plan worthy of its total design and collaboration between many LEED point categories. Spartan will deliver the following as part of our service product:

  • Building Scientists who will deliver the most up to date Innovation and Design Processes
  • Our focus is on building sustainable sites
  • Water Efficiency
  • Energy and Home Automation Products
  • Use of safe building materials
  • Conserve building resources
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Landscape and Habitat

Spartan Building Scientists are well versed to achieve a Green Building Certification. The certification, from the US Building Council called LEED, is SIlver GOld Patinum and covers a wide variety of home improvements to achieve Platinum results.

3D Design and Visualization in Building Choices

Builders learned their craft through an informal apprenticeship process: A young builder went to work for a seasoned contractor and learned on the job how a particular house-type was built. Most builders limited themselves to one or two designs that they built over and over again, like the cookie-cutter approach.

Some homeowners did not like this trend and were  insisting on a little more personality and individuality in their homes. Their needs did not justify the cost of a full architectural design, but they wanted more than the standard tract house.  This is the type of solution that Spartan sells.  Our idea is that a custom home could be designed as well as constructed to LEED Gold standards, we utilize 3D walk through architecture and modern simulation tools for energy savings and designing building automation system, into the home full integrated.    This is the true form of design-builders, and reviving that most ancient way of building, the master builder.