Modular Low Cost Housing

Lowers the Total Cost of Ownership & Reduce Power Usage Effectiveness.

Modular Construction accelerates deployment schedules and lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Our Clients take advantage of scalability, reduce Power Usage Effectiveness(PUE), and increased flexibility in their building approach.

Modular Solution Provider

  • We are modular solutions providers and we start with Helical Pier foundations
  • Steel base frames are constructed in factories and shipped to site
  • Innovations such as the structure bus bar, cable tray, lighting, raised floor, and various cooling methods are used to meet code, schedule needs, performance, and budget requirements.
  • IPX SIP Buildings and custom enclosures are built using the required insulation material and methods to meet even the strictest IBC standards.
  • Our vendor agnostic approach gives our clients the advantage to choose the best of breed solution to fit their schedule, budget, and performance needs.
  • As an OEM partner of the major power, cooling, battery, security, and controls providers of the world, we utilize those relationships to give our customers a competitive advantage in their markets.
  • Our vendor network includes power distribution, UPS systems, fire suppression and detection, racks, cabinets, DCIM, and a wide variety of cooling solutions.
  • Cooling solutions include, rear door heat exchangers, in-row cooling, chillers, split systems, air or water cooled CRAC, CRAH, economizers, and free air cooling. Custom wall mount, roof mounted, or skid based options are available for many of the cooling systems. Additional systems include indoor and outdoor LED lighting systems, security systems to include biometric, keypad, and RFID systems. restrictive in effective design of complex power systems. Each project needs to be evaluated for design optimization during the concept phase.

The Full Building Design - Low Cost Building Modals

IPX can deliver full building from SIP envelope – appliances and final move in specifications

Building Options

  • IPX has added 3 additional building options to original plan
  • IPX Sells LEED compliant designs and material
  • IPX can offer SIP Panel kit only
  • IPX Can offer building construction
  • IPX can offer MOVE IN Options
  • SIP Mfg Facilities in the Montana Areas
  • Engineering will be delivered to meet Montana State Requirements
  • IPX and Business Associates have over 10 Years of SIP Building Experience
  • SIP Manufacturer Offer Patents and Industry Leading Technology
  • IPX sells buildings and components  MADE IN THE USA

A Proposed Floor Plan by Housing Authority

Revision on the proposed plan:

  • Mechanical Room was added
  • Storage Space was added
  • Space for washer & dryer was provided in bathroom 24×24 plan had slightly changed to 25×24 to use 4×8 standard SIPs
  • Corridor space was provided for entrances to bathroom & bedroom and access to storage space.
  • Kitchen, Bathroom, Washer & Dryer space and Mechanical Room were positioned side by side on northern side of the house to minimize plumbing and decrease the overall cost.

Mother In-Law Quarters

Low Cost Housing