Who We are

Spartan Living 

Spartan Whole Life House Designs addresses the challenges of making modern, energy efficient and cost effective housing that is green and offers healthy living feature sets.

The home buyer in many cases does not realize what architectural features sets are out there for LEED and Green Certified Housing Solutions. Spartan Building Scientists offer building designs for the future, today.

Spartan Building Scientists utilize passive designs, and best practices for building performance—SIP Panels, passive heating,  solar and on demand water heating, effective ventilation, control of solar gains linked to whole house automations systems—to dramatically reduce energy consumption by up to 90 percent. The “efficiency first” approach emphasizes design in the building shell that reduces the need for complex and expensive mechanical HVAC equipment. Instead of buying a forced air system—$30,000 for furnace, thermostats, ducts and so on—your thermal load  or the amount of heat and cooling required to maintain a comfortable temperature is managed at the most efficient levels.

As carbon reduction technologies become an economic impact on sustainable design practices, and consumers feel the pinch, green and energy efficient housing will become more prevalent.  These trends such as healthy building environments, high environmental performance, with high building values, can be achieved today and Spartan Building Scientists can deliver these in our Whole Life House Designs.