Z-Wave Network

The home of tomorrow is looking to be quite different from that of today.  With the generational changes coming called the Internet-of-Everything and home-automation devices and platforms  are laying the groundwork for buildings and homes of the future. Today, vendors are offering technology whereby users can control everything from the color and brightness of lights in their homes to the music playing in each individual room and more. Home security is already impressive as users can watch their home security cameras from their mobile devices, no matter how far they are. While all this is going on, thermostats are automatically controlling the temperature of these homes, as it can sense whether or not anyone is present.

How it Works

Z Wave is a protocol for communication among devices used for home automation. It uses RF for signaling and control. Z-Wave operates at 908.42 MHz in the US, using a mesh networking topology. A  Z -Wave network can contain up to 232 nodes. Z -Wave operates using a number of profiles (think of them like languages), but the standards allows them to  inter operate with a Z Wave hub.

A central, network controller, device is required to setup and manage a Z-Wave network. Each product in the building must be “included” to the Z -Wave network before it can be controlled via Z- Wave (and before it can assist in repeating/hoping within the mesh network).

Each Z-Wave network is identified by a Network ID and each device is further identified by a Node ID.

The Network ID is the common identification of all nodes belonging to one logical Z-Wave network.

Z-Wave uses a source-routed mesh network topology and has one primary controllers. Secondary controllers can exist, but are optional. Devices can communicate to one another by using intermediate nodes to route around and circumvent household obstacles or radio dead spots that might occur though a message called “healing”.

Smart Home Auto Setup

Using Z Wave Hubs begin by recognizing the smart objects around and automatically connect them allowing control from any mobile device through smartphone, computer and wall panel display.

The hub integrates your favorite third party devices into one control platform.

You can also connect your smart hub to your TV through an HDMI cable and enjoy multimedia functions on your TV. You can download apps, stream online content or use the USB, SD card ports.

 Smart Objects

Z -Wave offers Plug and Play smart devices that control specific things: lights, temperature, motion, door locks, irrigation, video cameras, and smart devices from third party manufacturers. Spartan will then integrate them into the system.

Z-Wave offers numerous benefits:

  • Wide adoption: Designed specifically for the home automation space, Z-Wave is the most widely adopted technology platform on the market. As a result, it allows Home Automation Systems  to work with products from a number of different brands, unlike a proprietary system of products that only works with a single manufacturer’s products.
  • Long range: Z-Wave is a mesh network, which means that every plugged-in Z-Wave product you add to the network only extends and strengthens the range of communication. For Z-Wave, the typical indoor communication range is 30-50 feet between two devices. Each Z-Wave repeater, such as the Home Dimmer Module, extends the range by up to 50 feet in all directions, bridging the gap between devices that are too far apart to communicate. All of this makes Z-Wave—to attach and communicate with and building size and shapes.
  • Low interference: In addition to great range, Z-Wave has low susceptibility to interference from other wireless devices.
  • Long battery life: Z-Wave operates on low power, allowing batteries to last one to two years before needing changed.
  • Easy Retrofit: In most cases,  no wiring changes are needed to install Z-Wave.   Z-Wave is intended to be easily added to existing homes, and minimal technical experience is required for a quick and successful installation.


After careful planning with clients Spartan can deliver a full Home Automation System.