Why are SIPS Green

SIPS are the Cornerstone of Green Home Building

SIPS have proven to be the smart green option for commercial or home building projects across the United States. At Spartan we help businesses and homeowners reduce their environmental fingerprint by helping them reduce energy consumption. We also help reduce the needless waste that occurs at some building sites. Green building is not only a mindset at Spartan but it is built into every building process we have and we are constantly looking for ways to help ensure a greener environment for future generations. Spartan delivers the following benefits using SIPS:

Energy Efficiency
According to the EPA, fossil fuel emissions from stationary sources such as electricity generation represent more than 50% of greenhouse gas emissions. High demand for oil, coal, and natural gas leads to environmentally intrusive mining practices of non-renewable energy sources.
What makes Spartan supplied structural insulated panels a sustainable product? It starts with the raw materials. SIPS deliver non-toxic polyurethane foam that sits between skins of oriented strand boards (OSB), which come from sustainable, fast-growing trees. SIPs in general consume just half the lumber of stick framing, removing the wood that sparks fires and leaving the rest of the trees in the forest.
The SIP sustainable story continues through production with a virtually waste-free manufacturing process. But the biggest benefit of SIPs in sustainable home building is the energy efficiency. Because the stud-less, insulated panels hold the temperature no matter what the outside conditions, you’ll consume significantly less energy. In addition, the airtight barrier provided by structural insulated panels keeps out toxins and improves indoor air quality.
Structural insulated panels complete their sustainable life cycle with their longevity. Using the same construction principles found in steel I-beams, Spartan SIPs are two to three times stronger than today’s stick-built walls. That’s a sustainable product built to last!
Waste Free Construction
Spartan Design Build works hard to consume as few natural resources as possible. At the factory, where Spartan purchases the structural insulated panels specifically for your design, utilizing precise machining to ensure your SIPs meet your precise specifications. To further minimize waste, the polyurethane foam core is sprayed inside the OSB skin after its cut so that any leftover OSB can be recycled into the next SIPs order.

At the construction site, Spartan’s custom-made SIPs eliminate the need for wasteful trimming and tweaking. In many cases the entire building envelope can be built without the need for an on-site dumpster!

Custom Building Means Less Waste
Panels are built specifically for your design, precisely manufactured, utilizing modern machining to ensure they meet exact specifications and minimize waste in the factory. Pre-engineered, custom-built panels produce little to no waste during construction.

Green Tax Credits
In addition to the ongoing energy savings you enjoy when you build with structural insulated panels, you’ll put even more money in your pockets through tax credits and incentives. In technical terms, homeowners are eligible for federal tax credits for building energy-efficient homes that achieve 50% energy savings over the 2003 International Energy Conservation Code, including 2004 supplements. According to the program, at least 1/5 of the energy savings must come from the building envelope’s improved level of insulation and air sealing.
What does that mean? The shell counts. When you use Spartan structural insulated panels, you shut out drafts and energy-robbers by putting the most effective, stud-less insulation into your building envelope. Because your home demands less energy, building with SIPs is the ideal way to meet the standards and save money on your federal taxes. Plus, homes built with insulated wall and roof panels don’t need a blower door test to meet the improvement standard. Cost-effective, rewarding, and simpler. What more could you ask?
Don’t forget that Spartan structural insulated panels also help your home earn an ENERGY STAR rating, which can qualify you for an energy-efficient mortgage program through the federal government. Just one more way to keep the green in your wallet while keeping the earth the same color.