Water Harvest

Water Harvest Systems

A cistern is a container for holding liquids such as water. They are generally used for rainwater catchment and storing rainwater.

Different models of rainwater cisterns offer an assortment of different features. Some are equipped with pumps and filters. Others are completely open while some are only partially covered from the elements. Each of these variations serve a specific purpose in harvesting rainwater. Cisterns that come without a cover are perfect for collecting the maximum amount of rainwater.

Spartan can deliver different cisterns models, with the correct UV and Micro Filters and Activate Charcoal, these also can be used for drinking water after taking the appropriate precautions.

For SmartAG a simpler rainwater harvesting system is used with heavy duty plastic sheeting bag designs for low cost water supply for green houses and irrigation.  Rainwater cisterns provide quality water for raising crops and plants especially during dry seasons.

A rain harvesting system is critical for success.