Construction Checklist

The Spartan LEED Guidance Process develops a client oriented based checklist to choose what level of LEED you want to attain. Certified, Sliver,  Gold, or Platinum.

Construction Checklist 

A home built with Structural Insulated Panels with other energy efficient technologies can be 50% more efficient than a standard home built with stud walls.

Structural Insulated Panels are 50% more efficient than stud walls and are up to 15 times more air tight
Completed Thermal Bypass Checklist

Spartan will deliver the following R-values:
Ceiling: R-49 or SIP roof panels
Wood-frame wall: R-19 or greater (Spartan SIP panels are ideal)
Basement wall: R10/13 or greater or SIP basement panels
Band/rim joist: R-19 or greater (SIP floor hangers are best)
Floor above unheated space: R-30 or greater
Slab Edge insulation: Required at Climate Zone 4 and higher (maximum of 25% of the slab edge may be uninsulated in Climate Zones 4 & 5)

Windows and Doors
Spartan will deliver windows that are ENERGY STAR rated
U-Factor less than or equal to 0.30
Doors should have an R-value greater than or equal to 5

Tight Construction and Ducts
Install ducts in conditioned spaces to minimize energy loss
Seal ducts with mastic and/or UL 181 approved tape
Size ducts base on the Air Conditioning Contractors of America Manual J and D

Heating and Cooling Equipment
Geothermal heating and cooling systems are ideal
Natural gas furnaces: AFUE of 94 percent or higher
Central air conditioner: 13 SEER or greater
Natural gas water heaters:
up to 60 gallons—0.62 EF or greater;
60-80 gallons—0.85 thermal efficiency or greater
Electric water heaters: 0.93 EF or greater
Spartan will size your equipment properly for your home using Manual J or equivalent calculations. Bigger is not better
ENERGY STAR qualified thermostat (except for zones with radiant heat)

ENERGY STAR® Appliances and Lighting
Spartan will deliver appliances and lighting fixtures that are ENERGY STAR rated

Spartan will include at least one ENERGY STAR qualified product category:
Heating or cooling equipment
Water heating equipment
Five or more ENERGY STAR qualified light fixtures, appliances, ceiling fans equipped with lighting fixtures, and/or ventilation fans

Spartan will verify home and building with Third-Party Verification
Review plans with Spartan LEED Planners
Spartan Home Energy inspection for air sealing and insulation
Spartan Home Energy inspection tests for leakiness of building envelope and ducts

Energy-Efficiency Cash Rebates
Energy-efficiency rebates vary by state due to differences in regulatory obligations.
Look for local and national rebates in your area.