Solid Core Buildings

Structural Insulated Panels
Solid Core is commonly called Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) which are high performance building panels and are made by sandwiching a core of rigid foam insulation between two skins of wood structural panels, typically oriented stand board (OSB) or plywood. The foam core of the panel is typically composed of expanded polystyrene, structural adhesive is used to adhere the foam cores to the skins of the panel in the lamination process.

The SIP fabrication process usually begins with a CAD drawing of the building. The CAD drawings are converted into shop drawings that can be plugged directly into SIP Factory fabrication machine or used to measure and cut panels by hand. Chases or channels for electrical wiring are cut or formed into the foam core and the core is recessed around the edges to accept the connection splines or dimensional lumber. By fabricating SIPs under factory controlled conditions, SIPs achieves tolerances far more precise than wood framing.

More Energy Efficiency
Spartan Solid Core building systems reduce heating and cooling costs by about 50%.
Broad Custom Design Capabilities
– Larger clear-spans up to 100′ wide and 24′ tall
– Vaulted ceilings
– Solid exterior and interior continuous OSB or plywood sheeting

Solid core buildings are more impact resistant. Also, something very important to those that have or want a heated shop in Minnesota is that the solid core closed cell foam walls stop the transfer of moisture that results in rust and corrosion. Your building is an investment… it should last a long time.

Better acoustics for a quieter building. The dense foam restricts sound from passing through much more than conventional insulation. Your family and neighbors will appreciate that.

Hurricane Proof

Fire Proof