Smart Buildings


Spartan Buildings Inc. integrate the fundamental components of building technologies, into graduated levels of automation, that smart buildings deliver as useful building services that make occupants productive, for example light and illumination, thermal comfort, air quality, physical security, water efficiencies, and energy conservation.  The best part of smartbuildings is that building owners achieve these levels of comfort and efficiencies at the lowest cost and environmental impact over the building lifecycle. Reaching this vision requires adding intelligence from the beginning of design phase via the integrative process, through to the end of the building’s useful life.

Smartbuildings use wireless and automation technology during operation to connect a variety of subsystems, which typically operate independently, so that these systems can share information to optimize total building performance. Smart buildings look beyond the building equipment within their four walls, and allow the building operators and occupants to control and monitor the building and compare its successful operations with comparisons to online databases of similar size buildings worldwide.  LEED certification requires this type of detailed results.

 Connecting to Save Money

A smart building can be considered a integrated system of interconnected building subsystems; it has been compared to the internet of things, which connects computer and appliances into one larger super-network. In a smart building, the integration of systems like lights, HVAC, solar and Powerwall battery utilization to reduce operating costs.