SIP Costs & Benefits

SIPS are pre-cut to plan in factory so they can be constructed very fast on site.
Lift One Wall at a Time and Finish Faster
With fewer nails and pieces to put SIPs together, they require less time on site. SIPs speed up construction timelines creating faster projects that are less vulnerable to the vagaries of the weather. Spartan Design Build engineers spend the time it takes to get every detail right and can still be 70% faster than a traditional framing crew.


Building Envelope Ready for Finishing
BASF study shows building with SIPs reduces framing construction labor by 55 percent- A new BASF study conducted by the RS Means unit of Reed Construction Data shows that residential builders can reduce their framing labor needs by as much as 55 percent by using structural insulated panels (SIPs) instead of conventional “stick-building” methods.

The study was conducted on a two-story, three bedroom, Cape style home in Tilton, New Hampshire. Engineers from RS Means observed the construction of the home and compared the workers’ productivity with a benchmark home built using 2×6 construction and fiberglass batt insulation.
The SIP installation crew spent 130 fewer hours framing the exterior walls and roof of the home by eliminating many time-consuming steps from the construction process.

Used for walls, roofs, floors, and foundations, a structural insulated panel (SIP) sandwiches a rigid foam insulating core between two structural skins usually made of wood. The seamless, closed-cell rigid foam core reduces air leakage and thermal bridging through the panels by providing a continuous span of insulation. In a large, single component, SIPs perform structural, insulating, and air sealing functions and install quickly saving builders time and money.


How does a building cost less to build if SIPs can cost slightly higher than traditional stick frame?

Pre-insulated! No need to purchase additional insulation

Pre-fabricated & precut when delivered to the job-site: save 20-30% on framing labor

Electrical is installed 20-30% faster

Job-site waste reduced with pre-cut panels — saves approximately 30% on waste sent to the landfills

Tighter house means smaller HVAC systems — up to 40% savings

Predictable STRAIGHT engineered product is plumb & square every time = faster install for finish work.

Doors/windows/millwork: no bowed lumber = straight walls for faster doors/window/millwork install.

Floors: level floors and walls = no need to shim

House is dried in faster, subs can start sooner — fewer wasted “crew” days

No roof venting required in low slope roofing

Better indoor air quality, smaller or no air purification systems required in many climates

Buildings & houses are FINISHED faster. Less interest paid

Warranty. Does your lumber manufacturer offer any warranty?  SIPS  do.