With Spartan video, LED Lighting, telephone, and alarm applications, you can monitor your building sites several thousand miles away as if they were next door.  Our system facilitates remote site surveillance and allows video to be transmitted over IP. Companies with remote or hard to access assets, such as oil and gas, factories, pipelines, plant construction or refining facilities, operators, have not had an effective, economical solution for protecting those assets.  In addition, Spartan can deliver intrinsically safe equipment. (In the EU the standard for intrinsic safety certification is the ATEX directive.) And all items are integrated together to form client required automation solutions. New system functions:

  • New technology provides more power and less cost for Video Surveillance Systems
  • Spartan can deliver Solar and Wind driven battery system for remote installations.
  • High-resolution cameras offer a clearly detailed overview of a complete room or telecom site.
  • Fewer cameras and less cabling is needed. The intelligence in the camera eliminates the need for large server- and software-systems.
  • The network load is immensely reduced.
  • Digital recording inside the camera via SD chip, drastically reduces overall system costs.
  • Meshed Wireless network connects all cameras and voice systems together.
  • Door stations with integrated cameras and phone systems.
  • Video Recording-Security Lighting- PBX Calls to Police- Alarm Sirens are integrated.


When the Door Panel Bell button is pressed, the camera calls the control center/ call center camera extension to the PBX as it was programmed to trigger, the Operator or Control Center can have 2-way communication with the camera speaker, and person at site via the microphone.  Security Personnel or the Operator is linked to camera image and can let the person pass.

Spartan Integrated Remote System is on patrol 24x7x365. When intruders are detected by the camera systems, in the business property boundaries, which are programmed into the camera’s fence corridor the camera sub system will do the following as programmed by client:

  • Systems are in energy saving mode until a perimeter violation is logged by the high resolution cameras.
  • System Activate SPOT Light BEAMs and LED lights, in the security perimeter being violated
  • High resolution day night video cams will begin recording intrusion
  • Sub System places a SIP trunk call to the IP PBX Phone System/Call Center
  • PBX has Zone Control Over Head Paging Amplifier and speaker horns, integrated into the sub system
  • PBX system can call numerous phone numbers and alert security personnel
  • IP PBX System will be programmed to play phrases, via amplified horns, that is programmed into the system IE -The police have been called, and your identities have been captured. Leave now or be arrested!
  • Numerous recorded messages played to depict live security guards are on the premises.
  • PBX system can be integrated into Motorola UHF VHF Radio systems to alert security personnel

A properly designed and maintained Video Surveillance System is one of the best investments any business can make. Not only will it serve to reduce loss and minimize risk, it can provide important business intelligence about how the business operates.