Security Measures

Security Measures         

IPX will provide security for program materials and facilities where they are stored. Security measures include the following:

All visitors can be checked on arrival and departure from your locations, and vehicle license plates will automatically be captured.  Security cameras, will check critical points, to ensure no property is inappropriately removed. The sites will be physically secured through use of fencing, lockable gates and doors, can be secured using Biometric controls.

Electronic Access Systems. IPX’s electronic access management systems will ensure that only the right people have access to the Supply Warehouse Facilities.  The proactive security and management features of electronic access control will be provided to authorized employees and contractors when picking up valuable materials.

Track Cargo. Includes use of GPS and RFID scanning technologies to monitor the movement of parcels and pallets through the warehouse, high value items can be securely monitored automatically.

Theft and Pilferage Control. Spartan can control access and can monitor high-value cargos via RFID, the Video Camera feeds, for Warehouse/ distribution center with biometric door electronic access control.

Prevention of Loss and Damage. Spartan installed sensors, will monitor warehouse and distribution centers for flooding and temperature changes

Fire and Life Safety Systems. Spartan will provide options for reliable heat and smoke detection, monitoring and intelligent fire suppression systems for the building owners.

Video Security. Spartan utilizes high resolution video surveillance security products. Higher resolution cameras provide more accurate image detail and enhanced audit reviews. With analog technology, a recorded image generally has no more than 0.1 megapixels (CIF). One single IPX camera with 6 megapixels’ records around 60 times more detail. As a result, larger image areas with up to 360° all-round views are possible, thus reducing the number of cameras, and therefore the costs. For example, four lanes of a warehouse inventory sections, can be recorded with one camera instead of four conventional cameras.

Programmable electronic fences, license plate capture, and online systems, will provide the building perimeter highly secure facilities, as well as transparency into the day-to-day operations at the buildings and warehouse. Contractor movements, product check out and returns, equipment details, and other programmable trigger points, can be programmed into the RFID and Security systems.

Most cameras don’t begin to record until an alarm is triggered. Our cameras can be on all the time and can document events prior to an alarm condition.