LEED Platinum

The Platinum rating is the highest green-building certification from the USGBC and validates the top principles of sustainable and healthy living.


Spartan’s commitments are to build safe, sustainable and efficient homes.

Energy Efficient – thousands of dollars of utilities saved via Solar, Green Building Envelope, Home Automation
Sustainable – Over 100,000 gallons of water saved yearly.

Safe – SIP Panel Construction of Building Envelope and walls maintain some of the highest wind and fire ratings available.

Air Quality – Ventilation, Heating and HVAC delivers significant energy savings and high environmental air quality.

Conservation  – 90% of home-building debris is sent to recycling centers.

Water Conservation – With the correct plumbing for grey water and rain water, with Dual Flush Toilets save an estimated 100,000 gallons per year.

 Energy Monitoring  – Software displays real time energy use and cost savings on your TV or laptop.

Energy Star Appliances – All appliances, roofing, windows, water heaters, fans and lighting are Energy Star rated.

Rain Water– 5000 gallon underground water cistern collects rainwater to feed the home for applied water and invisible irrigation system in the yard.

Spartan Heating System – deliver 40% energy savings compared to normal tank heaters.

Day Lighting and LED Lighting improve health conditions, saves energy and improve quality of life conditions.

Environmentally Friendly and recycled products are used extensively throughout the home.