Other Pests

Rats and Mice

Due to their small size and ability to squeeze through tight spaces, rats and mice are particularly tenacious. If left unaddressed, they can infiltrate your kitchen and food supply, gnaw through walls and wiring, leave disease-bearing droppings in your home’s living spaces and more. Our rat and mice mitigation programs involve evaluating your situation, cutting off ingress points and laying traps or baits as necessary.


Although they typically live in trees, squirrels can invade attics, crawlspaces and upper floors in search of food or nesting sites. We identify and eliminate ingress points. If necessary, we trap and humanely remove squirrels.

Raccoons and possums

These larger creatures are attracted to poorly secured trash receptacles and other outdoor or garage-bound sources of food. We can evaluate your situation, offer guidance with trash security and trap persistent creatures when necessary.

The Treatment Process

Our rodent and urban wildlife treatments include a comprehensive sanitation program, and perimeter rodent-proofing (sealing of access points). Sealing and blocking access points is generally the best way to keep these pets at bay.