Pest Control

Mold, Mildew, and Termite Protection

Make sure your building plans include built-in mold, mildew, and termite protection.

Properly treated SIPs are heavyweights against the destructive agents of mold, mildew, and termites. The EPS in SIPs is treated with Perform Guard® termite protection. And the entire SIP, when treated with the FrameGuard Coating prevents mold, mildew, and termite damage to its wood components.

FrameGuard Coated SIPS is Safe and Effective

FrameGuard coated SIPS are protected with organic fungicides and a borate compound tested to be effective. The organic compounds remain close to the surface to provide protection against mold; moldicides inhibit the enzymes’ ability to break down the wood and consume the sugars and starches mold needs for growth. Meanwhile the borate component penetrates into wood providing protection against both decay and termites.

FrameGuard Coated SIPS give you Built-in Protection.

When you specify FrameGuard Coated SIPS, there is built-in protection against future costly repairs due to mold, fungal decay, and termites. From the time the building materials arrive on the job site, throughout construction and after occupancy of the structure, FrameGuard Coating continues to protect the SIP structure and the owner’s investment. Using FrameGuard Coated SIPs and wood components makes good economic sense.

Go Green with FrameGuard Coated.

You will know SIPs re FrameGuard Coated when you see them. A distinctive green colorant identifies wood treated with FrameGuard Coating.

Pest Control

The total number of insects on the planet is estimated to be somewhere around 10 exponent 18, or more than one billion insects for every living person. Bugs reproduce fast, and their large numbers make them very difficult for homeowners to eliminate every solitary one on their own. With the probability of one or two varieties of bugs entering your home at about 100%, there’s no

Spartan recommends Whole Life Living and recognize the dangers of chemical pesticides. They can pose a health risk to your small children, and pets, and can kill off insects that actually help your environment. Also, they may eventually find their way into our body chemistry Parts Per Million of certain chemicals if you have spayed areas within your living quarters.  There are, however, alternatives to such products that are chemical-free as well as highly effective, and Spartan provides the basic systems that can be built into your home and maintenance schedules.

Termite Prevention &  Construction Site Preparation

Remove all tree roots and stumps from the building site before starting construction.


Slab-on-ground foundations are most susceptible to termite attack.

Sand grain barriers are effective. When grains are 1.6 to 2.5 mm, they are too heavy for termites to move out of the way, and the spaces separating the grains are too small to fit between. A 4” layer of sand is required under a concrete floor slab. With crawl spaces, there should be a 4-inch layer of sand around the interior of the foundation wall and around any piers. All possible paths between the soil and the wood framing must have a sand barrier.

Termimesh™, a finely woven, stainless steel mesh designed as a barrier for under and around foundations, prevents termites from entering a building. Pest Control magazine (February 1999) reported that after five years of testing, stainless steel mesh remained 100 percent successful as a barrier to subterranean termites.

Steel termite shields prevent termites from entering through the interior cracks of masonry walls or foundation blocks. A good metal shield placed on top of foundation and piers may prevent mud tubes from reaching the wood above them, but will more likely cause termites to build around the shield, making their mud tubes easily detected and destroyed.

Diatomaceous Earth forms Protective Ring under Pier & Beam Foundation

Diatomaceous Earth is a nontoxic pest control device that works on insects of all species. Unlike pesticides which rely on hazardous poisons to chemically control insects, DE physically controls insects by scouring their exoskeleton through abrasive action. Insects cannot become resistant to physical control, but they do become immune to insecticides. Pesticides not only waste time and money, they also damage human health and environmental ecology.


Create ventilated spaces between the ground and any wood structure.

Cover earthen crawl space floors with a vapor barrier – sheets of polyethylene (available at any home supply store) that cover all exposed areas, keeping moisture and dampness at the ground level instead of infiltrating the crawl space. The plastic is usually covered with sand or fine gravel to protect it from punctures when it is walked upon. It should be sealed around the perimeter to the foundation wall, and at any seams, with long-lasting caulking or mastic.

If you vent your crawl space, be sure it has two, if not four, ventilation openings within 10 feet of the corners to provide for cross-ventilation. Vents should be opened in the winter and closed in the summer to prevent moisture problems.

Simple Organic Pest Control Methods

Using traps is one method that organic pest control companies are happy to champion. Though the idea of trapping insects is kind of a no-brainer, the former method of chemical extermination took the focus off trapping for quite some time. Traps designed to capture specific insects are now available and are becoming more effective all the time; removing one species of insect from a designated area is much better for the environment than killing off everything with a chemical spray.

Proactive Termite Program

We thoroughly inspect your home’s foundation and walls, identify areas conducive to termite entry and deliver targeted applications of Altriset, a low-impact control product. This treatment stops the colony from feeding within a matter of hours and results in elimination within days. At the same time, we install termite monitors as a system that can sense when termites are trying to breach your property’s perimeter and allows us to take action.

Why is this more environmentally friendly?

We use only the lowest-impact baits & liquid control products. In fact, Altriset is the only termite control that doesn’t require a warning label. Its impact on people, pets and the environment is minimal.  Our low-impact termite treatments are just as effective as other traditional termite control products, in most cases.

Flying Insects

A mosquito misting system can allow you to spend more time outdoors without being constantly pestered by annoying mosquitoes. Mosquito misting systems make it easy to control mosquitoes in your yard because they work on a timed system, dispensing a certain amount of natural insecticide concentrate for a specified amount of time. Mosquito misters are perfect for very large yards and properties or stables, but can be used in any outdoor space. We have everything you need to set up a mosquito misting system yourself.

How Mosquito Misting Systems Work

A mosquito misting system generally consists of a multi-gallon tank that holds your preferred insecticide product, usually a synergized pyrethrin concentrate. Rubber tubing runs from the reservoir tank to nozzles that you can place wherever necessary, such as along the perimeter of your backyard and any other area prone to mosquitoes. You can set a timer on your mosquito mister so your applications are hands free and applied at the right time of day for each application.

The cost of a mosquito misting system will factor in heavily to your choice of using one of these systems. However, it can be worth it to prevent diseases such as West Nile and chikungunya.

Insect Misting Systems are a great product that keeps any area you wish clear of all the nasty pests that can ruin your day. From mosquitoes, spiders, gnats, wasps, ants flies and even roaches, you really don’t want these pests anywhere near you and your family.

Misting Automation

You have two choices in operating this system – by touch screen controller on unit or by iphone or Android app. No need to be at the unit to turn it on and off, do it with one touch from your phone! This misting system allows you to set the timer and also turn on and off from an app that you can download to your phone.

Insect Eliminator Stations

Statically places stations lets you take back your yard without the need for added chemicals, pesticides, refills, and no zapping or buzzing. Odor-free and safe inside and out, this insect trap is engineered for three-way protection against mosquitoes and other flying insects. First, a UV fluorescent bulb generates a warm light, attracting insects. Then a second lure, an exclusive Ti02 titanium dioxide-coated surface, produces CO2 that’s irresistible to mosquitoes – enticing them nearer. Third, a powerful yet whisper-quiet vacuum fan sucks insects into a retaining cage where they will dehydrate and die (usually within 24 hours).

  • Safely eliminates mosquitoes and nuisance insects, including moths in a half-acre area
  • Effective against the aggressive Asian Tiger and Rock Pool species of mosquitoes; view West Nile Virus
  • Quietly works without added chemicals or pesticides
  • Includes one replaceable UV light bulb (approx. 3,000 hours life expectancy)
  • Works best hanging or mounted 3 feet or higher above ground