Managed Care Options

Spartan Managed Care Options

With Home Automaton Technical Support options Spartan can design plans that fit your lifestyle and budget.   Support is provided 7 days a week, and in this way, Spartan takes the cost of managing the technical environment off your plate. Spartan makes it easy to adopt the latest LEED Building Automation Technology.

Spartan will guide you to program your Smartbuilding in the most efficient settings as you travel on vacation, to top comfort levels dictated by our customers for every occasion.

Managed Care means that we make sure that the original products used form a complete integration of home services with home automation systems, that elevates the smart home from a notification engine to an end-to-end home-service solution.

Whole Life Living Options from Spartan includes options from bonded partners that can react to emergency conditions, like private home security, executive hot shot and gophers, to clients who have purchase agreements to utilize these services in an emergency or out of town part of your service package, offering peace of mind to our customers that a full service network exists.

HomeAdvisor Support Network

Spartan organizes and extends this technology for our customers’ convenience, built into the Spartan Powered Smartbuilding, to fully maximize the smart home experience and put homeowners instantly and seamlessly in touch with pre-screened and available home pros for quick repairs and services needed for out of town or on vacation emergencies.

Like Emily’s List find local pre-screened home professionals, and instantly book appointments online or via iOS and Android mobile app. Access to all of HomeAdvisor’s resources is free for homeowners, with no membership or fees required. HomeAdvisor is based in Golden, Colo., and is an operating business of IAC (NASDAQ: IACI) — the same leading media and Internet company that owns Vimeo, and


Warranties are captured into a central document archive that sets up service and maintenance schedules for HVAC, Irrigation, Landscaping, Security, Home Entertainment, Water Filters, and General Appliance schedules.

System Manual

The buildings systems manual in LEED terminology is similar to that of a car owner’s manual. The manual is meant to inform building staff, current or future service contractors, as well as occupants and users as to the basis for operating and maintaining a building’s systems. It is intended to be useful in the day-to-day operations of a facility. It also forms the basis of transferring important building information from one party to the next.

 Operator Training

LEED requires Spartan provides training of the buildings operating personnel and building occupants are completed, and that a training was completed according to the contract documents. To ensure proper training at the systems level to take over operation of the home or building.