Home Wiring & Cabling

Spartan delivers the complete wiring package, ensuring high-performance and end-to-end quality for every installation.

A variety of cables is offered to support all types of analog and digital video and audio signals. A durable yet flexible Wall Plate rated jacket affords excellent handling with allowance for in-wall installation. Stylish and rugged connectors achieve an ultra-reliable connection with a designer appearance befitting the most high-end system.

As part of Spartan’s mission to deliver consistent signal integrity and reliability while reducing installation cost and complexity for every application, Spartan has  focused on the top line of cable products to future proof the installtion.

 Ultra Cable

A high-bandwidth CAT7a shielded twisted pair (S/FTP) cable that is engineered to deliver optimum performance for 10 gigabit data networking and 4K ultra high-definition AV signal distribution applications.  DigitalMedia 8G cable provides an ultra high-performance wiring solution for 8G systems. Cable contains four twisted pairs in a single jacket, providing the only solution for transporting HD video, audio, and Ethernet up to 330 feet without repeaters.

Fiber optic cable designed to ensure the simple and reliable installation of a fiber-based DigitalMedia system. This cable features high-bandwidth laser-optimized OM3 cores in a breakout cable construction, providing four individually jacketed fiber strands within a single reinforced outer jacket. For 4K -Future K Video Entertainment systems beyond the year 2020.