GPS Tracking

GPS Satellite Tracking

Spartan supplies our customers a web based integrated satellite and GSM tracking solution, compatible with modern web browsers and works on a multilingual platform that brings together all the positions of every manufactured product under one location and displays and manages them in a single unified interface. With our solutions, asset locations and movements – including position, speed, altitude and heading – are tracked in real-time worldwide via GPS updates.

By using GPS satellites via cellular or Inmarsat VSAT technologies, you can now track any asset on earth, whether it’s people, vehicles, containers, or any moving object! Our technology allows you to merge together all types of tracking equipment into one easy to use platform. The tracking equipment determines its location by triangulating a position using GPS (Global Positioning System) and then transmits this information via GSM, Satellite, or VHF to a central server for processing. Any operator can view and control any number of real time assets simultaneously.

Spartan systems allow several channels of communications options to be integrated into its system, and let’s not forget the numerous manufacturers we support as well. From Iridium to Inmarsat, Blackberry to cellphones/Android/IPhone, our Tracking system can monitor anything, anywhere in the world.


  • Advanced Reporting and Web Based Mapping
  • Shipping Container and valuable equipment security and tracking
  • Fleet Management-track all sales and service vehicles
  • Fuel Management
  • Security-System has panic button and emergency call out anywhere on earth
  • Wireless Interfaces
  • Small portable and inexpensive systems that are smaller than a pack of cigarettes