FAQ – Spartan Net?


As President and Chief Technology Officer of IPX Communications Corp. & founder of Spartan, Dennis Comis has been  delivering technical and telecom  solutions since 2001.

Dennis S. Comis is a Computer Certified Professional with hands on experience in business consulting, corporate solution selling and IT and their application to oil and gas, global communications, medicine, contact centers, and customer service with an emphasis on building customer-for-life relationships through high reliability products & superior care in Networks and Telecommunications.

Proven leadership in formulating relationship with various innovation vendors to understand and strategically align the company to be the first to market for new products and services. Responsible for strategic relationships with  Altigen, Ciena, Dell, SonicWall, HP, Cisco, Fiber, HP, Microsoft,  Viasat, & TeleMedicine. These experiences often involved bringing several vendor products to implement reliable end-to-end solutions.

How is Z-Wave powered?

Z-Wave is a very efficient, low-energy technology. Many Z-Wave devices work on battery power alone, often for a year or more before needing new batteries. Others plug into the wall, and there are even Z-Wave controllable AC outlets, which let you make your entire home’s electrical system ‘smart’ and energy-efficient by controlling and optionally monitoring energy usage.

Will Z-Wave work in a large house?

Yes, because Z-Wave runs on type of network called a “mesh network.” One Z-Wave product will pass the signal along to another (“hop”) until the final destination is reached. Every device in your home acts as a messenger; the more devices you have, the more powerful and strong your network is.

What is Z-Wave’s range?

Without any obstacles such as walls and furniture, the range between two Z-Wave products is about 120 feet or 40 meters. When obstacles in your home reduce that range, Z-Wave’s mesh networking allows a Z-Wave signal to “hop” through other Z-Wave products to reach the destination device to be controlled. However, Z-Wave is a mesh network that allows the signal to be relayed via other Z-Wave devices. Z-Wave supports up to 4 hops so the total home coverage will grow depending on the amount of Z-Wave products in the network. The maximum range with 4 hops is roughly 600 feet or 200 meters.

Is Z-Wave secure?

Yes, a Z-Wave network has a unique ID that it assigns to every device in the network, and that ID is different for every hub so your neighbor’s hub can’t control your devices.

When an extra level of security is needed, such as for door locks and other high security devices, Z-Wave has another level of security which uses AES128 encryption at the same level that major banks use to protect financial information. Z-Wave AES encryption is supported by most Z-Wave hubs today and is required on all hubs with the Z-Wave Plus mark on them.

 How many Z-Wave devices can I control?

Z-Wave is a highly ‘scalable’ technology – meaning it can control anywhere from one device all the way up to 232 devices with just one network. Z-Wave hubs are sometimes capable of supporting multiple networks, which allows you to control as many Z-Wave products as you need. With Z-Wave you can build your smart home one device at a time — adding more products when it suits you.

How do I support such a system?

Spartan will integrate the whole system and deliver to the building owners, the correct level of Home Automation. With the Energy Metering being a ongoing and future requirement for LEED Certification Confirmation.  LEED certification credits include a number of energy monitoring criteria. To satisfy the requirements for these credits and earn the corresponding LEED points, a building owner or energy system designer must prove that the buildings energy usage patterns conform to efficiency standards.

These usage patterns and history must be reported by to LEED Agencies.

Spartan Managed Services as part of he Building Warranty

Spartan Building Automation Managed Operations for Building Owners

With Home Automaton Technical Support provided 7 days a week, Spartan Technical Support Contracts with the Home Owners, takes the cost of managing the technical environment off your plate. Spartan makes it easy to adopt the latest LEED Building Automation Technology. And to provide the correct reports to the appropriate agencies on a yearly basis.