Structured Insulated Panels
The structural insulated panels, which are known as SIPs, are rigid, solid core panels and are the primary material used for the exterior walls of your home. They have great insulating properties and are pre-fabricated before being delivered to your building site. They’re ready to set in place and install when they arrive, so any custom work is done at the manufacturer’s facility.
Since SIPs are solid insulating foam surrounded by rigid panels, Spartan will work on the fine details on your electrical blueprint the location of all outlets, lighting receptacles and switches, wiring junctions, telephone outlet, cable television outlets and computer wiring circuits.
Spartan will use this information to place conduit runs and electrical box locations in your home’s wall panels. Horizontal chases are generally placed at industry standard switch and outlet heights.
Since the panels are all prefabricated before arriving at your work site, it’s a good idea to keep things simple on the exterior walls. Limit your wiring in the SIPs walls to switches, lighting and receptacles and plan for the local electrical code requirements.
The insulating nature of SIPs makes them a very attractive building alternative. However, when you compromise the solid core, you’re subtracting from the insulating power of the material. Once Spartan Electrical Subcontractors, are finished and the wiring is checked as complete, the raceways and voids are filled with foam. This restores the R-factor and ensures you have a properly insulated home.
Electrical current flow creates electromagnetic fiels (EMFs), which, according to some experts, may cause a range of adverse health effects. While many studies have been conducted, these health concerns have yet to be proven to the satisfaction of mainstream scientists. Due to the uncertainty surrounding this issue, it makes sense to take steps to minimize exposure to such fields, as long as these measures aren’t expensive (a strategy referred to as “produce avoidance”).
Such measures might include locating main electrical service lines away from occupied areas and specifying that wiring be installed in such a way as to minimize EMFs. Electronics may also be sensitive to EMFs, so rooms with computers and other such equipment should be designed with that in mind.

The subject of electricity and its environmental impacts covers about 40% of the energy usage in the USA. Spartan will work with your budget to utilize home automation and systems designed to reduce power consumption.
Spartan Home Automation provides access to control devices in your home from a central computer systems, and linked to Smartphones mobile device anywhere in the world. The term may be used for isolated programmable devices, like thermostats and sprinkler systems, but home automation more accurately describes homes in which nearly everything — lights, appliances, electrical outlets, heating and cooling systems — are hooked up to a central and remotely controllable network. From a home security perspective, this also includes your alarm system, and all of the doors, windows, locks, smoke detectors, surveillance cameras and any other sensors that are linked to it.
Home automation makes your home “smart.” It allows what used to be “dumb” devices like a lamp to intelligently perform actions based on conditions you set. Do you want a light to turn on only when people are in the room? That’s a simple example of home automation.
But modern home automation takes things a step further. Maybe you want your blinds closed during the day when the sun is in a certain position to keep your home from heating up. At the same time, your thermostat settings change in response to environmental changes.

In the future, as more utility companies install smart grid technology, the price of electricity will change during the day in response to demand. Your automated home will keep track of these changes and adjust your consumption to fit the trend. HA will turn your dishwasher on only when electricity is cheapest and when your garage door opens it will trigger a sequence of lights on shades open, HVAC systems kick on and set the environment.
Spartan will help you navigate this complicated field and deliver results that save money and provide comfort levels commensurate with your budget requirements.
Spartan Products and Services include:
Solar power, wind turbines, inverter, batteries and charging systems utilize the sun and wind to generate power and then store this power in a battery storage system. The modern power scheme in homes utilize the batteries and then utilize city power when there is no longer a stored power available.
Backup Panel and transfer switch are preferred in hurricane and extreme weather locations. These backup installations require a secondary electrical panel containing the critical appliances and outlets you wish to back up. An electrical switch automatically activates the backup panel during a power company outage. When installed with solar and a gas generator, this switch can keep your building online during an power outage.
Smart Energy Monitor is an energy monitor for the entire home. It can wirelessly report immediate wattage and kWh usage to central control point gateways that measure electrical usage into the home via MAIN Panel, and reports are then logged each month.
Climate Control is the biggest energy user in the building. With smart, remote-controllable thermostats you’ll save on heating and cooling bills immediately.
LED Lighting, provides soft-white and a range of lighting moods and environments for indoor and outdoor applications. LED lighting use 80% less energy. Indoor and Outdoor lights can be controlled remotely on timers and in sequences.
Light Dimmers and Switches
Electronic Door Locks
Room Occupancy & Presence which lights on/off when the room is occupied.
Smart Electrical Outlets – which eliminate electronics that sleep on a standby setting; they continue to pull a current even when “turned off.” Spartan outlets can be programmed to audit energy usage and automatically turn off / non at pre-determined time sequences.
Smart Power Strips– AC adaptors on many power cables, and gaming console systems, pull current, and should be taken out of the wall when not in use — this is also known as phantom power. Spartan Power strips have 6 power outlets with energy-metering technology that reports power consumption back to your Home Automation controller, giving you more control over your energy management.

Spartan Builders offers environmentally conscious consumers the ability to use clean energy solutions for some or all of their power solutions. Clean technology includes many power sources that are both energy efficient and renewable, offering the chance to dramatically reduce the use of natural resources and significantly reduce the amount of emissions and wastes in the environment.
Spartan will guide you every step of the way and our knowledgeable Building Scientists will be glad to help answer any questions you may have about your alternative energy solution needs.