Building Sensors

Building Automation

Like the Jetsons one of my favorite comics strips that I read when I was young….some 50 years ago. With GE Advantium Speed Cook Ovens, 4K TV,  HD Security Room Panel in each room, The Jetsons were using this technology 60 years ago, so its nice to know we are catching up today.

Jet fin

At 6:00 am, your heat turns on and warms the house to a comfortable level. At 6:30 am your bedroom shades open and a soothing voice bids you good morning. As you roll out of bed, last night’s headlines and sports scores are read to you along with today’s weather forecast. The bathroom lights flip on. As you climb into the shower, the coffee begins to brew downstairs. The Robot rolls the Vacuum cleaner, Crock Pot Cooker is ready to begin cooking dinner, The Fridge contacts HEB and orders eggs, milk, juice, and home cleaning and washer products…..another day begins…

Think of all the repetitive things you do in your home every day. Turn lights on, turn lights off, set thermostat up, set thermostat down, arm the security system, disarm the security system, water the lawn, etc… Now add to this all the things you have to remember to do. Pay the bills, change your oil, take your medication, pick the kids up from soccer, get the car inspected, etc… Wouldn’t it be great if you had a little help from the Jetsons with all this? That’s what home automation is all about.

Albert Einstein minimized his wardrobe to avoid wasting time thinking about what to wear. Simplifying his life gave him more time and energy to focus on his work. Home automation works the same way. It simplifies your life by shifting the more mundane and tedious tasks from you to your home. With a ‘smarter’ home, you can focus more of your time and energy on the people and things that matter most to you.

The Spartan Theory of Simplicity 

It maybe a hassle to setup while you are building your home or building, but once installed the Automation system will make running your 21st Century building designed to be LEED power saving, comfortable and can with stand emergencies and weather disruptions.  Once installed utlize your smalrthopne to run the whole building. The Beauty will be in the Simplicity.

Spartan Building Scientists utilize advanced Networks to Automate the Buildings. Spartan Building Scientist Services include installation and Integration of the following:

  • Utilize CAT 7 Super Cable for 4K Video, Entertainment, Projectors, Music and 1 GIG Fiber Networks for Internet and USB 3.1 File Sharing,  Data Pictures, Videos, Streaming.
  • Bluetooth
  • Internet, VPN, Central Storage
  • Cyber Protection
  • Zigbee Integration
  • Z Wave Network.
  • ZigBee Energy Meter Reading Systems actively manage your building network usage of energy that goes to the power company for them, to compute the bill.

Spartan using a wide range of Z-wave compatible devices, can deliver cost effective to elaborate home automation systems.  The good news all pricing for these devices are following computers, smaller- cheaper- faster.  One sensor today can handle all these applications such as:

Occupancy and Motion sensor- Most motion sensors are used for security only, but with Spartan Sensor placements, and the power of Z-Wave you can design all manner of intelligent scenarios from lighting control, heating and cooling, window shades,  to the expected security monitoring.

Temperature sensor –  Monitor the temperature of a space and then use the power of the Sensor to directly pass control, to the Z-Wave system to control, the heating and air conditioning, and exhaust devices that’ll keep you comfortable.

Humidity sensor– temperature sensing is one thing, but humidity sensing brings a whole new level of intelligence to your home. Use it with Z-Wave to create the perfect, most comfortable spaces possible when your Energy Recovery ventilator  is working and what % of water is being removed from the outside air before it goes into the heating or AC system.

Light sensor – Energy saving, safety, comfort. There a lot of things you can do with Spartan Sensor’s inbuilt light sensor, each of them offering a whole new level of intelligence, personalization and perfection for Z-Wave.  Light the stairwell lights, outdoor lighting, security system and spot lights.

Indoor sensor- Whether it’s for comfort or security, attach it to a wall, sync it, and Spartan Sensor instantly provides your Z-Wave network with 4 unprecedented levels of intelligence.

Outdoor sensor- Your Spartan supplied weather station is designed to withstand the elements, and bring rainfall data, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure so that Spartan brings the outdoor elements and program them into your Z-Wave network to manage the pool, sprinklers, veranda furniture, to protect against storms, flooding,  and extreme weather conditions.


  • All Lighting Devices
  • Computer, Printers, Fax, Phone System
  • Dimming & Lighting Controls
  • Energy Meters
  • Entertainment Controller
  • Fan Control
  • Internet Gateway Controller
  • HVAC
  • Hospitality & Wellness
  • Locks
  • Motor Control
  • Electric Outlets
  • On/Off Switches/Devices
  • Security Systems
  • Sensors
  • Thermostats
  • Water & irrigation
  • Weather Station
  • Window  Shades and Covering