Biometric Controls

Biometric Controls and Employee Badging integrated to Payroll Systems

The menace of ghost worker syndrome (GWS) has achieved a sort of permanence in the Africa public sector. Most State Governments and the Federal Government for the most part, have seen rising employee numbers even in the absence of recruitment exercises and the resultant payroll increases. This always imposes monumental burden and strain on lean government resources with resources required for the delivery of vital and necessary public service diverted for use in catering to these fictitious workers.

The phenomenon is heightened by the squeeze on government resources caused by the current global economy.  In the face of dwindling revenues, State governments are tasked with scaling down expenditure and costs while devising innovative means of increasing internally generated revenue (IGR).

The Spartan Biometric systems, which will be physically located at employee entrances, is designed and functions as an Employee ID badge, Employee access control, Video Surveillance, Data capture and Campus Wireless Mesh Network Hotspot system for all ingress and egress points in the business.

Wireless and Wired Networks will provide campus wide network connectivity, indoors and outdoors. System makes use of the technology discussed below; the proposed systems make a data network architectural upgrade as well as improve security and employee tracking. The goal is to eliminate the Ghost Worker Problems that cost millions of dollars per year.

The desired outcome for any business utilizing this technology, is a state of the art system for access control as well as facial video capture and management of entrance and exit points. This outcome to include central management of employee time cards, ID badges, expediting payroll functions, and develops a historical database as part of the video security systems.