Automated Buildings

Smart Buildings Are Automated Buildings

Smart buildings improve the productivity of people and processes by leveraging technology & actionable information to help you & your building make better decisions and become smart, efficient and sustainable

According to a report by the Lawrence-Berkeley National Laboratory, “Monitoring based commissioning (MBCx) combines ongoing building energy system monitoring with standard retro-commissioning (RCx) practices with the aim of providing substantial, persistent, energy savings.” What we are really talking about is a sophisticated package of software applications that combines building data from a wide variety of sources to better manage building performance and efficiency.

When MBCx is built into a continuous building improvement process, it allows combined technologies involved in data mining to identify faults or issues in building systems with the necessary human analysis to determine how to address those faults or issues. Truly advanced MBCx solutions will also help identify and prioritize resolution paths; for example, if there is simultaneous heating and cooling in air handler 5, facility engineers should investigate a leaking chilled water valve to avoid a potential costly expenditure.

Defining MBCx is the first step toward understanding it.  Spartan will provide our customers the best advice on how to adapt your new building to be LEED certified and utilize these building automation solutions in the actual planning and construction of the building. Where you have an exiting building, Spartan will work with your employees to develop a prioritized list of automation solutions to solve your immediate problems and have an overall adoption plan to automate the whole building management process.

If you’re not committed to fixing issues, don’t waste your money on MBCx.

MBCx will undoubtedly identify issues in a building to be resolved. And though you may have dedicated budget to the MBCx implementation, if you’re not prepared to dedicate an ongoing operational budget to correct faults or implement facility improvement measures, you’re wasting your money. Monitoring-based commissioning is a comprehensive process that involves the right people and technologies; use the technologies to change your processes and the way you manage a building

Optimization strategies go hand-in-hand with data analytics.

Optimization strategies can work well on their own, but buildings need to combine those strategies with fault detection and diagnostics and building analytics.

The same Lawrence-Berkeley National Laboratory report asserts that MBCx is a highly cost-effective strategy. The buildings involved in this benchmarking analysis realized average energy savings of 10%, with some ranging as high as 25%; and the investment had a simple payback period of 2.5 years, according to the report. Those are impressive results to be sure.

Spartan offers metering and energy services that target energy cost savings. While that’s an important goal that often gets building owners interested in a service package, what’s equally as important is the improved building performance and compliance that can result from a truly comprehensive MBCx strategy.