RFID & Access Control

Access Control Systems manage the front door. Access control can be defined individually by groups, users and doors. Beside using RFID badge or transponder tags, also pin numbers for access control can be defined or the combination of transponder and pin code is supported. It takes 10 seconds to set up an entry code or transponder batch for a repair or craftsman, which is valid only the next day. The entry or access time can be set by time range or is defined by detailed weekly schedule. Access codes are encrypted and therefore reliable and safe.

RFID and Building security using RFID tags

An RFID tag reader/writer detects tags that come within the tag reader’s vicinity. Once an RFID tag enters into a detection area, the tag becomes active and transmits its ID data to the reader for onwards transmission to a management server for processing. In other words, RFID is the perfect solution for enhanced equipment tracking in/out, equipment deliveries from mfg. can be tagged, and overall building security.

In terms of Building Automation, there are several RFID implementations that assist facility efficiency. For example, instead of inputting a code or using a card system for staff to pass through secured areas, an RFID tag can be worn. As this tag enters into a detection zone, doors can be configured to automatically unlock, log, and process employee identification information all the while providing wireless access control.