SmartBiz Incubation

Spartan SmartBiz Incubation center provides support services to help entrepreneurs and companies who either have an idea to start a business or want to grow an existing business.

The buildings are all about developing, assisting, training and connect entrepreneurs to global markets

Spartan via IPXCOM provides Call Center and IVR Technology to promote business globally via 55 countries attached to our VOIP Voice Systems.  With addresses and inbound phones nubmers from London, Paris, New York, LA, Bejing, and Frankfurt, local business can connect and sell their products.

Web Design, Auto Attendant Phone Systems, Email and Domain setup, VPN and Secure Internet services.

Whether you’re starting with just an idea or looking for ways to grow, we are committed to your long-term success and offer a wide range of solutions and resources to help you start and grow an innovative, viable business in  your local country.

Incubation Solution includes:

  • Secure Internet
  • Global Dial Tone
  • Email & Domain names
  • Promotion and Marketing
  • SBA Business Training


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