Smart TeleMed Clinic

IPX understands that mission-sensitive communications for medical, military and emergency response teams often require access to high-speed satellite services. Application experts, with specific expertise with limited VSAT experience, need simple-to-operate systems. IPX has these types of solutions, with intuitive programming, that enable non-technical users to quickly set up and access broadband satellite and voice services.

IPX installs USA & Global Teleports running  VSAT Hub Services, with Software defined networking, and WAN optimization, encryption, and other application performance gains through Fiber and Local Area Networks.  With the entire system architecture designed for  TeleMedicine voice, video, and data performance.

As an option IPX can provide, WAN compression systems, which precisely match repetitive patterns to achieve high compression ratios. It manages both stored data and incoming application traffic to maximize effectiveness. Compression, caching, and application acceleration,  quality of service monitoring, and bandwidth shaping will  shoot data and files across the WAN at a rapid clip, boosting productivity and cutting down transfer time.

IPX is also able to provide a Collocation Service at the Teleport to install Routers and Firewalls, to provide HIPPA Compliant and HL7 Data security requirements. This can be done using a IPX Fiber private networks, direct to Teleport via Fiber and Lease line to provide the highest data security levels.

IPX will deliver reliable high-power 1.2 Meter Auto Deploy VSAT  Antennae, Radio and Modem with access to Satellite Network. This robust system provides Satellite links to the EU  & USA  Internet Backbone from Mobile units.

In addition IPX will provide Call Centers and IP Phones that provide Global Dial tone and inbound Phone numbers from 55 countries, USA to the Mobile Telemedicine VAN/BUS.

IPX is proposing to use Houston based Telemedicine proven systems. Suppliers of these systems work with NASA, the oil industry, state prison systems,  and provide over 70,000 remote Telemedicine visits per year on a proven heavy duty medical equipment and video conference platform.