Smart Cyber

The Process
The SmartBuilding Solution set starts in a warehouse in Houston. All building components are purchased in volume from reputable and proven
suppliers. All appliances and building components, used in these solutions are chosen for quality and durability, most building components are
manufactured in the USA, and most are Energy Star rated.
Buildings today are complex structures, systems and technology. Over time, each of the components inside a building has been developed and
improved. Spartan has chosen the best lighting, security, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems worthy of being in a SmartBuilding.

Equipment and Components
Spartan has perfected a 36×24 SIP Solid Core Building as the General Building Structure size. The building is manufactured in the USA and shipped
to Houston in components sized to fit in a shipping container. Spartan uses this size as a baseline to deliver different building solutions or as we call
them “building skins”. Depending on which functions are needed, the building skins accommodate the final utilization for the building. Common
building blocks, to this include:
 Heating and Ventilation
 LED Lighting
 Polycarbonate Windows
 Security doors
 Net Zero Energy – 100% Off Grid Power- Solar-Wind-Batteries integrated building power
 Building Automation and Security
 Water Systems
 Optimized Data Networks
 Fiber, VSAT, Wireless & Cellular Broadband Connectivity