Z-Wave Home Automation

Spartan Home Automation Solutions are a completely connected and integrated system, that enables a  seamless automation function across your power, water, lighting, window shades, security, video and energy management systems. Now your home can adjust automatically to you.

Key benefits

  • Get more out of your security system
  • Have your porch light turn on at dusk
  • If there is a security alert -all features focus on security
  • When Video Camera motion detection triggers, this picks up yard movement-all spot lights are lighted.
  • Automatically lock all the doors when your system’s armed
  • Complete Video Records are maintained historically from all Video Cameras
  • Reduce energy waste with Smart Schedules
  • Have immediate control via Smartphone interface
  • Get an image alert whenever the front door opens
  • Protect your home and business with automatic system arming

Spartan Integrated Solutions

Spartan is a fully connected solution that enables all your services to work smarter together. With Spartan, security, energy efficiency, and automation are all in sync.  Spartan integrates all your services into a single connected solution. Use customized triggers and smart schedules to connect your security system with your video cameras, locks, lights, and thermostats to get the most advanced automated solutions all in one place.

It’s all connected

Spartan was designed and built to provide a single integrated building automation solution. Having all of your mission critical services in your home like cooling and heating, water management, video monitoring and energy management work together makes them more efficient. Instead of reviewing hours of video to see when your kids got home, simply have Spartan send you a clip when the front door opens. Because Spartan monitors all the sensors all the time it can send commands based on any activity and automatically adjust your lights, locks, thermostats, and capture video.

 A smarter solution

All of Spartan’s services are connected on a single Zwave platform making them smarter together than any individual solution. Like a meshed wireless network, you can have your thermostat use the information from the weather station for rainfall and water cistern systems.  Full home security and control system to learn how you use your home and optimize your home automation schedule. It’s also a dynamic solution so you can have the lights turn on when you open the door or disarm the security system and not rely on a predefined schedule. It’s a system that learns over time and helps you make smarter decisions.

Spartan HA personalizes your schedules and provides training an support

Spartan gives you the flexibility to define automatic schedules for your lights and thermostats that are completely personal. You can adjust your temperature and turn lights on and off based on time of day and day of week. So you can make it look like you’re home when you’re travelling or simply make sure you walk into a well-lit house when you come home at night.

An intelligent security solution that thinks for itself

  • Schedule the bedroom and living room lights to turn on at 6:15 am on weekdays when you wake up, and then turn off at 8:00 am right after you leave for work
  • Automate the outdoor security lights to turn on and stay on for 30 minutes if a security alarm is triggered
  • Have the front hallway light turn on when you disarm the security system
  • Automatically turn down the AC after the last employee or person leaves the building at night
  • Turn up the heat an hour before the kids get home from school