Building Geometry

Classical Greek Geometry

For the ancient Greek mathematicians, geometry was the crown jewel of their sciences, reaching a completeness and perfection of methodology that no other branch of their knowledge had attained. They expanded the range of geometry to many new kinds of figures, curves, surfaces, and solids; they changed its methodology from trial-and-error to logical deduction using models.

Plato Euclid Archimedes Pythagoras

All of these are considered to be the greatest of the Greek mathematicians, and Archimedes is occasionally even named as one of the three greatest of all time (along with Isaac Newton and Gauss) as he invented PI, 3.14…. to solve mathematical problems using  logic and theorems. Most important they gave us the ability to calculate the exact area of geometric shapes and designs, like buildings.

A Brief History of Home-Building

The concept of a master builder was formally recognized as early as 1800 B.C. when, in ancient Mesopotamia, the Code of Hammurabi was used to design and construct all public works. A great many old and famous structures were built by master builders: Agia Sophia, the Parthenon, and London Bridge, the White House, Central Park and most of the European cathedrals. Medieval cathedrals are, in fact, remarkable examples of building mastery.

But as large buildings became more complex, increasing specialization separated the functions of design and construction into individual craftsman or teams of collaboration. Architects and engineers became the designers, and builders erected the structure from these designs.

The resulting process has become known as the design-build process. Once a design was finished and plans drawn up, the project management team was then responsible for building according to the design.


3D Design and Visualization in Building Choices

Builders learned their craft through an informal apprenticeship process: A young builder went to work for a seasoned contractor and learned on the job how a particular house-type was built. Most builders limited themselves to one or two designs that they built over and over again, like the cookie-cutter approach.

Some homeowners did not like this trend and were insisting on a little more personality and individuality in their homes. Their needs did not justify the cost of a full architectural design, but they wanted more than the standard tract house.


Using Building Geometry and Computer Models, our Archimedes moment is to present to our customers that a custom home could be designed as well as constructed to LEED Gold standards, we utilize 3D walk through architecture and modern simulation tools for energy savings and designing a building automation system, into the home full integrated.    This is the true form of design-builders, and reviving that most ancient way of building, the master builder.



Spartan Building Forms and Geometry

Building envelope and outside siding finishes provide numerous choices for building beauty.

LEED Certified 24 x 36 All Purpose Building

Spartan will deliver LEED Certified Solid Core Building that is Energy Star rated.

The Spartan supplied  power and renewable energy systems, will succeed in rural applications in Africa, Middle East and remote areas where sustainable solutions are required for power and Internet bandwidth.

Items below will be integrated to building solutions for applications such as Internet Café, Internet Exchange point, Business Incubation Centers, Smart Schools, Telemedicine, Network Operations Centers.

Items integrated include:

Solar Panels

Battery, charger, inverter

LED Lighting

Ceiling Fans


Building Wrap

Foundation Piers





Computers & Servers



Rack Space

VSAT Systems

Wireless networks

Honey Pot Bathroom Toilet and Holding Tank