Building Automation

Z-Wave Home Automation 

Spartan Builders believe in LEED innovative systems integration at its highest levels.

Spartan will install the leading smart home solution for your commercial or residential new construction or upgrade existing building space.

Spartan offers best-in-class features, reliability, and security through a simple, all-in-one mobile app that works on all major mobile operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows). Broadly integrated with smart devices from the best brands in the industry. Spartan solutions offer the functionality of more expensive alternatives at a price that enables building owners to install this technology in every new home built.

Spartan bridges the divide from builder to smart home builder with up to date and new LEED technologies that provide building owners the best total living and security for their building surroundings.

Automation  for Every Building

Spartan Builders serve multiple customer segments, from first-time commercial buildings and home buyers to luxury buyers, will benefit by standardizing on the Z-Wave and Home Automation platforms.

Spartan can create custom device packages for different building market segments

Spartan can cover the cost of lifetime subscriptions to the Home Automation Technologies and offer maintenance and support services for all of our building installations. Our customers can keep their buildings and homes automated and programmed as part of their ownership and maintenance services.

Energy Metering

LEED certification credits include a number of energy monitoring criteria. To satisfy the requirements for these credits and earn the corresponding LEED points, a building owner or energy system designer must prove that the buildings energy usage patterns conform to efficiency standards.

Every LEED program has energy use credits. To earn these points, the building owner must demonstrate that energy use in the building conforms to efficiency requirements by designing an energy-efficient building.

Numerous choices can be made in this design process, including the use of renewable energy, on-site generation of some portion of energy, or use of the local utility company to adjust consumption based on peak and off-peak usage tines. To adopt any of these approaches requires accurate quantification of the building’s energy use patterns.

Energy Metering can accomplish the LEED energy metering reports.  Spartan delivers a variety of energy meters designed to monitor and record power use. Our meters can measure incoming power in the mains, or they can measure power usage at the outlet level. Energy consumption data is recorded with high accuracy. A meter can first measure baseline energy use, and then it can track energy use reductions as more efficient practices are implemented.

LEED points are awarded based on the efficient use of energy throughout the building. Proof of the energy design’s effectiveness via Energy Reports is a valuable result of the Home Automation Systems.

Spartan Systems and meters are designed for easy installation into an existing electrical panel. Data collection devices can be networked with a building control system for a fully integrated electrical load management system.

Spartan Building Automation Managed Operations for Building Owners

Utilizing wireless devices connected to a cloud-based software engine, Spartan does not require expensive pre-wiring. Spartan Z Wave connected devices can be integrated into Home Control System, requiring no significant change to your operational processes.

With Home Automaton Technical Support provided 7 days a week, Spartan takes the cost of managing the technical environment off your plate. Spartan makes it easy to adopt the latest LEED Building Automation Technology.