Door & Entrance Security 


Advanced IP Video Door Stations provide a complete IP-based system for smart homes and offices. It is possible to realize an intercom door station with 180° panoramic view, bell button or RFID based access control, alarm notification and video messaging. The door station is fully IP-based and can be integrated in every standard IT infrastructure. So talking with a person in front of a door or switching the light remotely from anywhere in the world via a smartphone is reality. With the encrypted two-wire bus, IO- functions for smart homes and alarm systems can be easily extended to the cameras or the IP door station.

Smartphone display is very user friendly, intuitive and supports gesture control like a smartphone. It supports access to the IP door station, all cameras, manages the time-based access control for each door, reads and writes RFID transponders, controls smart home functions and acts as an alarm center with several lines. Beside typical door intercom functions like full duplex HD audio, system offers much more. The configuration and access of the complete home with connected cameras and alarm sensors is easy to realize without any PC or additional infrastructure. Beside the main entrance, systems are also able to control a second apartment door, a rear entrance door or window contacts for example. Additional Alarm Bus terminals offer new possibilities to connect to all MOBOTIX interface boxes and to set up a complete alarm center.

Access Control Access control can be defined individually by groups, users and doors. Beside using RFID badge or transponder tags, also pin numbers for access control can be defined or the combination of transponder and pin code is supported. It takes 10 seconds to set up an entry code or transponder batch for a repair or craftsman, which is valid only the next day. The entry or access time can be set by time range or is defined by detailed weekly schedule. Access codes are encrypted and therefore reliable and safe.