Spartan Buildings is a systems integration and technology consulting company that aims to help solve sustainability challenges. We deliver smart building technologies, with the objective to apply the most modern smart building concepts and net zero energy innovations towards LEED Certification.


We put our system design team to work to define all aspects of the project functionality for each room or area. An extensive set of project drawings are created that show graphically.


Our engineering team will plan and produce documents and drawings for the installation of the technical solutions to not only meet client needs, but ensure reliability and ease of use.


The project always begins with a discovery process, Spartan has developed Smart Systems to Build you a Smart Buildings.
Where we listen to our client’s needs and desires.


Our systems will make choices for you and your ability to review the final results on your own, will allow you to play with the numbers and get to a final plan very quickly. 


Once rough and trim phase engineering documentation is complete, we are ready to install the infrastructure such as conduit, low voltage wiring and enclosure. We purchase all AV equipment and assemble as appropriate in our office or at the job site. The length of time for this phase is dependent upon the time frame of construction. 


A complete set of as-built documentation is delivered to every client at the final project sign-off. We strive to make every client, a client for life. By delivering as-built documentation and programming source code to our clients, we ensure that the investment they have made into their home is well protected and may be serviced for life with accuracy and diligence. 


The Spartan Team is driven by a common ethos of helping each of our clients advance their missions. The sense of duty comes from deep within our corporate DNA, the experience of delivering multi-million dollar solutions, to make our customers happy that span 10 year contracts or one project at a time. 

Focused on delivering extraordinary results

The work we do on behalf of our clients is often the first of its kind, largest of its kind, goals-exceeding, barrier-overcoming, and bar-raising, ensuring we deliver pioneering solutions. We’ve helped our clients achieve honors for outstanding results from top industry organizations.

We Serve Owners, Designers, and Contractors

Sustainability Consulting

We help Owners and AEC teams comply with code-based sustainability requirements. Our team operates as a go-to resource providing comprehensive or itemized services..

LEED Certification Consulting

We provide Design and Construction Phase documentation services, to complete all credits and exhibits required to demonstrate compliance with LEED Certification requirements..

Building Envelope Commissioning

Our team provides the best source of supply for Structured Insulated Panels. This is the most important piece of your building dreams. Spartan will reduce timelines as the use of SIP and..


Green home certifications serve many purposes and have value for homeowners, builders, buyers and society in general. Those that reach home certifications are assured a higher quality home. And it ensures there is third party verification of the work being carried out by builders. Upon resale, homes that carry certifications have increased value.